CES was a huge hit this year, and we’re fortunate to have been able to attend this event. We came back with some key industry CES takeaways that you’ll want to see below.

CES takeaway featuring smartwatches
The year of the Wearables
As a prime CES takeaway for the industry this year, we saw smart watches and other hit wearable’s make a big impact on the market. And judging by this year’s CES, 2014 should be no different.
Not only did we see new watches highlighted at CES but everything from motion trackers, heart rate monitors, to even UV-ray detectors.

header featuring a TV
4k TVS are officially here!
Quite a few TV manufacturers released their new 4k displays for 2014 at CES. 4k TV’s are ultra high-definition screens that pack in four times the resolution of current HD TVs. Quite a few big companies, within the industry, this year have rolled out some big displays to give 4K a marketing boost. More content is also starting to flood in for 4K with major movie studios working with Amazon to stock up on 4K content, and Comcast is working with Samsung to up its 4K streaming offerings. This CES takeaway will be one to watch.

header featuring curved tv
Curved Displays
We all know flat screen is the normal TV and phone form factor that has been used for quite some time, but CES showed us manufacturers are working on a new feature that changes that – curved screens. The claim is that a slightly curved screen offers a better viewing experience by reducing glare and improving visibility for people sitting or viewing the sides of a TV set or phone.

What was your favorite 2014 CES takeaway? Let us know in the comments below.