As part of the VPG’s Adhesive Series, our goal is to help you secure your devices with some of today’s best solutions…including Adhesive Solution #3: Novus!

What Is Novus?

Novus is a polish that removes the chemical compounds on glass back phones.

It allows the adhesive to adhere to a non-coated surface.

Typically it should be used as a last resort for phones that have an extra adhesive resistance, such as the Google Pixel 6a.


When NOT To Use The Novus

The Novus should NOT be used with the primer stick because it creates a bond that will make the phone impossible to remove without damage.

At VPG, we provide a complete kit for the Novus that includes almost everything you will need to apply the polish.

Just in case you do not have the kit, we will show you how to install the Novus without it.


How To Use The Novus Effectively

To be able to add the Novus effectively, you will need masking tape, paper towels, and alcohol pads.

Also, since Novus is a chemical, it is recommended that you wear gloves and safety glasses when using it.

We know what most people think when you mention chemicals…is it safe?

We want to ensure you that it is here is the safety data for the Novus so you can see it for yourself: Safety Data Sheets | NOVUS Plastic Polish (

Let’s Get Started!

Let us get started placing the Novus!

First, using tape, mask off the center area on the back of the phone.

Then, apply the Novus to the masked area as shown:

Novus Part 1

With a paper towel, dab the Novus to spread an even, thin layer onto the phone.

Part 2

Once spread, allow to set for at least 5 minutes for maximum effectiveness.

After it has settled, with a paper towel, apply firm pressure and use a side-to-side motion to rub the Novus across the masked-out area of the phone.

Please keep in mind that the Novus will shift around, push it back onto the surface you are working in.

Part 3

When you have rubbed all of the Novus in, you can wipe the area clean with a paper towel.

To test whether the Novus has been added to the surface effectively, wet a paper towel and squeeze a small drop of water onto the treated area.

If the surface was properly prepared, the water will spread out across the area that it has been applied to.

If it beads up, you will have to reapply the Novus again.

Part 4

Once the phone has passed the test, clean the treated area thoroughly using an alcohol pad.

Then remove the tape mask from the phone.

It is time to apply the adhesive security! Remove any adhesive liner from the sensor. Attach the security device to the treated area of the phone, and press firmly for 30 seconds to ensure it gets set.

Always Remember…

Remember that the Novus permanently removes all coatings on the applied area of the phone, even the ones that might be beneficial to the customer. Keep that in mind if you are ever thinking of putting the displayed phone up for sale.

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