iPhone 5 D Sensor in retailThe much anticipated launch of the iPhone 5 has finally arrived! We have been working round the clock to prep for today and it feels really good to see our photo in the Wall Street Journal! No, we’re not wearing a blue shirt… and no, our face is not on some fancy POS display. Look a little closer at what is attached to the iPhone 5 and the display pedestals for the other 4G LTE devices.

Pictured at left is our D Sensor patented cord reel technology allowing a Verizon shopper to check out the form and functionality of new phones in Orem, Utah. Photo courtesy Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal. To read more about the iPhone 5 and if our current phone networks will support the increased usage, click here.

The two devices displayed in front of the red 4G LTE sign highlight the unique design of the D Sensor, which gives the customer flexibility to easily switch from portrait to landscape mode. This multiple positioning capability ensures the device is always centered when at rest on one exceptionally designed display pedestal. Our patented cord reel technology optimizes wire management to the fullest, assuring the device is the star of the display. To read more about the D Sensor, click here.

So, for those of you that made the journey to a retail store today, how does the iPhone 5 look?

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