Identify Shoplifters: Three Revealing Tips

Approximately $17 billion of merchandise is shoplifted from retailers every year. In other words, shoplifting has become a VIP in retail shrinkage and it’s important that retailers can detect it before it happens.  Identify shoplifters when they walk through your door with these three tips: Read the full article.

Retail Loss Prevention 101: Why It Matters

Commonly when thinking of shoplifting, we tend to envision something as juvenile as a teenager stealing a pack of gum from a local gas station. Unfortunately, retail theft has become a lot more serious than most people realize. Over $44 billion in merchandise is stolen from retailers across the US each year. As members of the retail industry, it is crucial to take loss prevention seriously, because the consequences can be greater than what meets the eye. Read the full article.

Combating Organized Retail Crime: 3 Tips for Retailers

Is there a pattern of crime in your area? Years ago, the majority of shoplifters were few and far between but with the rise of the internet and resale sites, the term “shoplifting” has earned itself a more serious name by law enforcement: Organized Retail Crime. ORC does not discriminate between small and large businesses worldwide. In fact, according to a 2015 NRF survey, 97% of retailers say that they have been a victim of Organized Retail Crime within the last year.  This is an increase of 9% from the same survey in 2014. What are those results to say is in store for retailers in 2016? Read the full article.

Technology beats the bad guys. Get the latest news in retail technology and loss prevention that can help you protect your stores.