As part of the VPG’s Adhesive Series, our goal is to help you secure your devices with some of today’s best solutions…including Adhesive Solution #4: Brackets!


Different Bracket Options?


The last way to help with adhesive failure is to avoid the problem altogether!


Most adhesive securities come with options to install brackets to them.


Adding them still gives the phone the customer experience you want in your store while offering a higher level of security.


Plus, no more adhesives, no need to remove the liners or hold anything down!


Brackets are super easy to install and place in the store.


There are hundreds of different options for retail security you can choose from.


However, to get a general idea of what it takes to install a bracket, we will explain one of ours.


The most popular adhesive security we offer, the CR338, can come with a 2-arm or a 4-arm bracket.


Either way, it has the same steps to install.

Brackets Image 1


Ready To Install?


First, loosen the security screw on the back of the bracket so you can move the arms freely.


Now add the brackets to the back of the phone and push the bracket arms inward; so they capture the device.


Then, tighten the security screws.


Make sure when you push the arms inward that it stays in the center of the phone.


This ensures the arms do not slide off the side of the phone.

Brackets 2


All that is left is to add the sensor to the bracket and fasten them together with a couple of screws.


Just like that, you are all set!


Brackets are perfect when you are looking for easy installation and longevity in your retail security.


They are adjustable to fit almost any phone, and options are available for them to go on different devices, such as tablets.


Typically, brackets last longer than adhesives and are much easier to take off if you ever decide to remerchandise.


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